Feedspot = Google Reader for the Tumblr Era (launches public beta today)

We have been iterating the product in quite mode with the help of valuable feedback from over 100k early adopters ever since we launched Feedspot in private beta in Aug’2012. Today we are super excited to launch Feedspot in public beta.

Welcome to Feedspot! www.feedspot.com


What’s our mission?

Our mission is to bring RSS back to its early days of glory. To accomplish this, we are rethinking the rss reader product and building an entirely new platform from the scratch. RSS never reached the mainstream internet users. We think that’s because until today rss reader has been a single utility product. RSS Reader failed to adapt itself to the social era of the web. Now a days every product gets even better and more useful if you are experiencing it with relevant people connected to you.

Thats why we are turning rss reader into a social product by integrating sharing and social functionality deep into the core of the product. The way Tumblr revolutionized the blogging category by adding a social layer, our goal is to do exactly the same thing to the RSS Reader market. Before Tumblr, only power users and the so called ‘Geeks’ used to blog.. Tumblr revolutionized blogging by building a simple and easy to use social blogging product. Today,  teens and housewives have started blogging. Feedspot’s goal is to apply the same logic to the RSS Reader and in doing so… appealing to the mainstream..

In addition to basic RSS Reader features like taggingfolder organizationkeyboard shortcutslist/expanded viewsorting etc.,

Feedspot offers 3 unique features:

  • Social  Lets you follow other users and see posts shared by them in your news feed. Share external links, Images and Video.  Give a Status Update or Share an article with a personal note to your followers.

    imageProfile page of a user

    imageSee posts shared by your friends

    imageShare external links, Images and Video or give a status update

  • Search & Follow Folders – Users can search for public folders created by other users and follow those folders. Try technologycelebrity gossipfoodcomicspsychologyweb design or any other topic of your interest. It also lets you share your folders with your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Advanced Sharing – For power user who wants to share to one or multiple social networks. For example – Users can post their favorites directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, Bufferapp, Readability and others. Additionally, there is an RSS feed for your folders, tags, favorites and shared items.image

Launch is always an exciting moment, but it’s what follows that will matter most to our users. In the 30 days following launch, our focus will be on

  • Search – Enable search within your feeds. Advanced search filters like search with your favorites etc.
  • Android and iOS apps
  • API – Feedspot’s API will be available to mobile app developers from the next week.

Feedspot will be a freemium product. Advanced features like Search, pro sharing features etc will be available to Feedspot Gold members.

Feedspot lets you import your google reader feeds in seconds. You can also get started by following feeds from our rich library of feeds in various categories like tech, food, comics, web design and 50 other categoriesimage


Everywhere You Go – See the same clean look wherever you use Feedspot – on mobile, tablet or web.   

Press Release and Press Kit is available here

Enjoy Feedspot! 

-Vineet, Anuj

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