Introducing Search

Excited to share the most exciting feature update. Team has just released two key components of search 1)Sites search and 2)User search.

Sites Search – You can now search for any site on feedspot and follow them.  For eg. If you like to follow the Techcrunch blog, you can do that by entering either of the three query in the search box.

1. query by keyword ’techcrunch

2. query by domain name ’

3. query by feed url ’

When you use the search term ‘techcrunch’, it displays all the feeds related to techcrunch eg Techcrunch main blog, Techcrunch Europe, Techcrunch Startups category feed, Techcrunch mobile etc.. you can follow any feed of your interest from the search results page. 

Folder search – The search page also displays Public folders created by users towards the left column. If you are looking for ‘web design’ related blogs, search for ‘web design’ displays related public folders created by other feedspot users. Since these Folders contains sites curated by users, it turns out to be the best way to discover relevant and high quality blogs. 

User Search – Feedspot’s goal is to turn RSS reader into a full fledge social product. Thus we have also implemented user search.

You can search any feedspot user by entering name and follow them. For eg. A query for ’Scott’ displays users as shown in the screenshot below.

We hope you find the new ‘search’ feature useful in discovering new sites and people to follow. Please do share your feedback.

We are at team [at] feedspot [dot] com.

Team Feedspot.

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