Development updates – Week jan 14-19th’ 2013

  • Image Zoom in – When you zoom-in images in your feed, image is now resized according to users browser screen size. Old fashion scrollbar is also replaced with black transparent scrollbar. Also added link to original image.
  • Dedicated link for Email – earlier email to friend was part of ‘Share’ feature. Now a separate link ‘Email’ has been added. You can add a note and email any article  to anyone.
  • Expanded/List/Text view for favorites and Shared items – You can view your favorites and shared items in either of the three view. Works perfectly. 

Some more minor fixes

  • Signup form UI – UI changes(inline validation) in the signup form. Full name now accepts 30 chars instead of 20chars
  • Import contacts with a close button – You can now choose to hide it on your homepage feed.
  • Now shows profile description on followers page. eg
  • Improved ‘text view’ on your profile page.
We will keep you updated on further developments. Should you have feedback, please reach us at team {at} feedspot {dotcom}. 
-Team Feedspot

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